April skies


WW1 represented the first global war incorporating industrial applications to the weapons of war. Ironically, first skirmish between French and German soldiers on 8/4 1914 utilized sword vs lance harking back to medieval times.Within mere months the armaments rolled out escalated to a ghastly threshold with barbed wire and massive artillery pieces, poison gas (4 /22 1915) and zeppelins for aerial bombing (5 /31 1915). Point is these new weapons represented mass destruction on a scale never before seen and millions died because of it. Now we read this and wonder how many will die in the NEXT war?


Superior Court Judge Eric Davis ruled that it was “CRYSTAL clear” that none of the allegations made by Trump allies on Fox in the weeks after the election were true regarding election fraud. How can that be when every secure “system” on planet has been hacked by sophisicated state sponsored actors proven to have previously hacked our election systems? If Fox is guilty of defamation by Dominion then where is proof systems secure which goes to the heart of alleged lies? And how can judge be so sure without that irrefutable information? Something not ringing right here to us.