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Here is a refreshing look at the potential yet inevitable future. Maybe we are jaded by our enemies attacking us with viruses and the incessant saber rattling but it seems to us a tactical underwater nuke could trigger this ticking time bomb nightmare sooner than later. Insidiously it fits the China lied millions died LIARS playbook as it would inflict max damage without firing a shot and how could you prove it in the chaos right away to mount a robust response? We vividly remember in the intense days of the Cold war the Russian generals stating for a fact a well placed nuclear missile hitting yellowstone would incinerate North America.

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Hard to imagine it has ONLY been 79 years since D Day invasion (read Operation Overlord) anniversary tomorrow. As we celebrate what’s left of the greatest generation it portrays a stark reminder of how far down we have come as Americans in contrast. Can you imagine the young people of today thrust into defending the planet from tyranny like our grandfathers did? The comparisons are a joke and an insult to those great men who put it ALL on the line to preserve our way of life. And we are sure the living survivors are more than chagrined over what they are witnessing as the slow and steady demise of our country from within. Let us pray we can turn it around before it is too late…

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