Earlier we offered a history lesson on the Middle East that centered on WW1 and the total F%$K job history remembers as the Sykes/Pecoe sell out. This post reminds of the treaties that FORCED WW1 and the lessons from over 100 years ago NOT LEARNED, PRAY cooler heads prevail.

Britain is ‘now involved’ in Middle East conflict, warns Ellwood (msn.com)

In a historical context, it seems BEYOND ironic Israeli PM is specfically thanking Great Britain and France for their current support in Iran attacks.

Back at the turn of the last century ( and even before) the world was recognizing the value of oil in the Middle East with Britain at the forefront with the investments made in the late 1800s in the Suez Canal. The UK interest was spawned by the inevitable conversion...

We guess on one hand it is commendable to see these ‘save face’ military interactions seemingly designed to minimize deaths and impacts between historically mortal enemies but the stark reality is the Middle East is teetering on the proverbial cliff of all out total war and here in the States we are sitting ducks with our totally vulnerable CRITICAL infrastructure susceptible to an Iranian cyberattack.

Israel vows victory and Iran warns against retaliation after attack (msn.com)