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Written by Michael E Dehn

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June 16, 2024

Dennis Watson

Former Airman at U.S. Air Force (2005–2011)Tue

Are we heading towards World War III?

Possibly. It certainly looks more and more possible as the days go by. Many historians will tell you that WWI occurred after a series of seemingly rational decisions by most of the powers involved, but lead to an irrational war and wholesale bloodshed. Of course, famously, the casus belli was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, but the momentum for war in Europe had slowly been inching closer and closer for a number of years, until they reached a critical mass.

Recently, we see that the United States has authorized the military of Ukraine to use its weapons to strike targets inside of Russia. France is also pushing for the deployment of NATO troops inside of Ukraine. Will there be a point where Russia says enough is enough and decide to take the fight to NATO directly?

(Ukrainian President Zelensky and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Image credit: LA Times.)

In the greater world, we see mounting tensions between Iran and the US. China and the US. North Korea and South Korea. The Philippines and China. Venezuela and Guyana. All being backed by other players with vested interests to see a conflict turn out in their favor and upset the balance of power in their respective regions.

(Russia has returned to the Caribbean to conduct drills with the militaries of Cuba and Venezuela. Image credit: World Politics Review.)

Furthermore, the regions of the former USSR and China are becoming more desperate with their populations in a demographic tailspin. China is no longer the largest country on earth by population and Russia’s demographics appear terrible by any metric. Add to that the fact that these nations inherently feel insecure in their own neighborhoods and know that they must wage war soon or they may no longer have the ability to do so. They are essentially painted into a corner and will do anything to ensure their survival.

(Population pyramid of China. China’s population is slated to age and decline rapidly by the latter half of the 21st century. Image credit: Wikipedia).

Lastly, the leaders of the world’s great powers don’t instill confidence. Putin, Biden, and Xi are all well past their prime, yet we’re counting on them, collectively, to keep us from killing each other at an industrial scale. The world holds its breath.

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