Agreed. Short of election scams we ALL KNOW these demented Democrats are more than capable of and the documented proof of what they already did in 2020 is filtering thru from multiple sources, FJB in November!! The party has NO WAY to turn this around in the few months till the election.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

June 16, 2024

Even if the dementia ridden Bozo was to pledge his delegates to someone else at the convention here in Chicago in August, THAT candidate is doomed on the prior record and has no time to promote whatever political band aid the so called party elites have bribed the totally bought and sold mainstream media to embrace in lockstep. ( NOT US kiddies)

People are not that stupid and we are seeing Democrats flipping like buckwheat pancakes here in true blue Illinois but no one will publicly acknowledge, although recently we have observed more African Americans venting online their disgust with the puppet Bozo.

In a very real way, the karma the Democrats have unleashed, fueled by the manufactured “CHINA” virus, the documented election scams and fortified by the obviously set up J6 fake “insurrection” that now is being totally discounted on all levels has destroyed the credibility of the MSM in the eyes of the public. With their media mouthpiece muzzled by their own OVER THE TOP malfeasance and the masses migrating to INDEPENDENT MEDIA like us and others, these communists are their own worst enemy in that regard.

To think Democrats were willing to torch our country to get Trump by being complicit in unleashing a pandemic b/c he was doing such a great job with the economy and PEACE not to mention violating our sovernignity with illegal immigration to pad their voting rolls b/c there was no other way says it all to us. And the unfair lawfare he is enduring is only solidifying his support. Pray these lunatics don’t start WW3 as distraction b/c then we all will know what truly is happening. And you bet we are praying. FERVENTLY.

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