And you think the SWAMP isn’t petrified of Trump based on this “DESPERADO” move in compromised CA.? Funny thing is, the proponents and shadow instigators of the hurdles and lame duck attempts to thwart his momentum only prove to fuel it more as evidenced by huge crowds continuing to follow him. It even spawned a righteous liberal in RFK Jr rising up highlighting what a loser dementia ridden buffoon living corpse Bozo Biden is IN HIS OWN PARTY as the masses outright hate him and they know it, no matter how desperate the manufactured spin to declare otherwise.We are familiar with noted legal wizard Robert Barnes who knows RFK Jr personally and has stated publicly that the possibility of a crossover ticket with RFK as VP with a Trump presidency is remote given RFK’s staunch Democratic “roots”. But if this democracy has taught us anything in the last 247 years it is malleable and adjustable to the times. Our perception of the messages being put forth by both RFK AND TRUMP mirror similar issues and in our view that would be a blockbuster unbeatable ticket. And it would put the so called insidious DEEP STATE on their heels for at least the next decade as Trump would serve out second term leaving RFK a clear path in 2028. Trump has proven to be a prudent deal maker and these are extraordinary times which require extraordinary action so to us it may evolve into being a logical choice at some point in the very near future. It provides the perfect political checkmate to a whole host of potential nefarious scenarios

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

July 5, 2023

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