These “mandates” are designed to be socially and economically disruptive. “Hoods” at least in Chicago and other major urban areas traditionally have been evolved into economic zones that catered to a certain income level & business infrastructure created to service that targeted market. As someone who experienced forced school busing in the 1960s and witnessed first hand the glaring failure it was on all levels, I harbor a dim view of these “FAIR HOUSING” demands rolling out from HUD. In my view the directives are woefully ignorant of the ancillary impacts in policing and education overhauls not to mention housing value impacts. I have seen in my life first hand forced immigrations into wealthy areas by lower income people create rising crime issues, a fact here in Chicago region highlighted by Section 8 housing impacts in those areas. Some may see these observations as racist, but with millions of undocumented unvaccinated immigrants flooding our country because of what I feel is a massive dereliction of duty in regards to border protections it absolutely bears mentioning. And I am NOT a racist but rather a prudent realist infused with experience this life

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

February 23, 2023

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As we continue to process the continuing disaster on all fronts that IS the Biden administration as students of history we revert back to WW2. Fresh in our minds after remembering 79th anniversary of D Day this week we remember James Roosevelt, son of FDR. As the searing images of loser crack smoking whoring criminal Hunter Biden remains etched in our minds we remember James was a Marine awarded the Navy Cross for a daring raid on Makin Island in the early days of WW2, awarded the Navy cross for heroism w/ 22 other brave souls.As we reviewed the Wikipedia history of James, it is clear he was a patriot who served his country well in his life, something unthinkable with Hunter who appears to have his purpose in life collecting illicit funds for the family and selling disgusting art for exorbitant sums to foreigners for currying potential “favor” with the “Big Guy”.Of course FDR was hated in his life as POTUS so the inevitable rancor seeped into his political life as noted in James bio posted here, ironically involving RFK Jr’s grandfather Joseph Kennedy Sr in some questionable liquor deals with the son prior to the old man snaring an ambassadorship to the UK in 1936. Regardless of those activities can anyone see Hunter making the LIVING CORPSE proud like James did with FDR? And what a come down for the presidency in general when viewed in contrast. Says volumes to us. TAKE HEED!!