How Sykes Pecoe sellout in 1917-8 engineered by Britain and France in waning days of WW1 created nightmare in Middle East today.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

December 12, 2022

I have written in the past on how World War 1 and it’s aftermath has impacted our world to this day. And the situation in the Middle East today is ABSOLUTELY one of the most insidious legacies of that war . And totally preventable except for the 2 faced lying British and whore French.

The British in WW1 were in the process of converting the Royal Navy to oil from coal, a sea change (no pun intended 🙂 that allowed for greater range as coal was very limiting without supply chain for restocking supply, a factor which was key in the Russians being soundly defeated by the Japanese in 1905 war as they were denied refueling stations as they sailed literally around the world to get beaten.

The British were keen on Middle East oil since late 1800s when they made moves to control the Suez Canal, built in 1869 and as WW1 raged, it became clear the German Kaiser, who also was upgrading his fleet had eyes on the same resources.

To this end, the British made moves to secure the alliance of the indigenous tribes of the region and the tribes were promised all manner of support from the then powerful colonial empire of Britain to assist them in keeping the Central Powers out of the Middle East . The tribes sacrificed over a half of a million men to accomplish this and had agreements with Britain in place for the complete military and economic support of a tribal run government after the war.

But the French, who had suffered greatly in the war in all ways demanded a piece of these Middle East spoils as the rightful partner of the English and Sykes Pecoe was the the back door sellout deal.

This realignment of loyalties because of broken promises was so disruptive that to this day the tribal conflicts still rage, and this posted article in many ways is the manifestation of that brazen sellout over a century ago. If it goes nuclear in the Middle East, blame the lying 2 faced British.

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