Yikes. The disgusted masses have spoken on the Trump case…with their pocketbooks.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

May 31, 2024

Not only have the Democrats energized the MAGA base, but they have positioned themselves for an epic fail. If SCOTUS rules in favor of presidential immunity in June (before July 11th sentencing) the Dems lost on all fronts as populace enraged with what is perceived as lawfare within a beyond corrupt legal system (at least in NY) and Trump verdict will be immediately rescinded.

Half the country (growing by the day it seems) is now galvanized to act and like Pearl Harbor 2 generations ago the Democratic OVER THE TOP blatant and continued obvious election interference has awoken a SLEEPING GIANT.

As we enter a summer with many global political and military unknowns, it is OUR opinion that the panicked Democrats need to create something insidious to hold on here . (read Black Swan event?)

With a mentally challenged candidate running with the lowest popularity ratings in recent memory, one move would be to replace him with another candidate but then there is a scant few months before the election to roll that candidate out as Dem convention is right here in Chicago Aug 19-22 if Biden were to pledge his delegates elsewhere.

Of course , there is the national emergency move of desperation to shut down election that alarms us as they are leaking the fact Biden is toying with giving Ukraine weapons capable of hitting Russia directly, an idiot move most definitely poking the Bear and most definitely prompting a strident response. Given how this administration has ALLOWED millions of undocumented illegals to enter our country UNTRACKED it provides Putin a robust cloaked internal conduit to attack our basic infrastructure unimpeded if he so chooses. Non nuclear war in the 21st century takes on those nefarious characteristics.

Some may argue we are already seeing these impacts with the unprecedented wildfire smoke last year (allegedly arson but we do not know for sure but in our 68 years of life here we never saw before climate change be damned) and multiple barges losing control on our interior rivers. And do not forget multiple fires at major food processing facilities over the last few years as well as repeated cyberattacks on banks and hospitals and other key infrastrucure facilities..

This coupled with the RIDICULOUS WHO Global Pandemic treaty which would have ceded control to an unelected global entity that could override any domestic military or police presence under the guise of addressing a potential future (planted?) pandemic, it is painfully obvious we are in uncharted waters here fueled by lunatics that will do ANYTHING to stay in power.

As history buffs we studied the presidential election of 1864 which to us represented the ultimate political stress test and as the CIVIL WAR was quickly coming to it’s tragic conclusion we marvelled at how Lincoln navigated the situation as a rebel army threatened his capital in the midst of unprecedented turmoil and on the eve of a presidential election. We may argue THIS election cycle is more dangerous. Let us pray the history of the Civil War does not come to pass and cooler heads prevail..