One take on the TOTAL vaccine debacle

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

May 24, 2024

Latest Rasmussen survey confirms the “cure” was nearly as deadly as the disease

The latest Rasmussen survey of Americans shows that we nearly doubled the death toll of the COVID virus with the vaccine. It wasn’t “safe” at all. Not even close.

 The main results of the survey with some of the cross tabs.Rasmussen Reports, the only market research company in America willing to ask hard questions, just asked a cross section of American adults if they knew anyone personally who died from COVID and separately if they knew anyone who died from the vaccine.The bottom line in the survey is that it indicates that the deaths from the “cure” vs. “disease” were within a factor of two.

That’s devastating. It means that we likely increased the COVID virus death toll by 50% or more by rushing a deadly vaccine to market and convincing Americans that the vaccines were safe.They should be ashamed.But no other entity in the US is likely to try to replicate this survey. Because they just don’t want to know.What the survey saidAmerica is mostly blue pilled. The survey indicated that 67% took the jab, and then 76% of those took a booster. Which means that 51% of America remains clueless about how dangerous these vaccines are.These were the most important crosstabs. If you rejected the jabs, you believed there were more deaths than people who thought the vaccines were safe. Makes perfect sense. This is exactly what we’d expect to see.How safe the shots vs. virus are depends on who you are. The more educated you are, the more likely you are to believe the “experts.”
High school dropout: 51/37=1.38Highly educated (went to grad school): 51/10 = 5.1Low income: 32/20=1.6High income: 48/14=3.4Heavy blue pill (took the boosters): 48/13=3.7Moderate blue pill (took the shots, but not boosters): 34/18 = 1.9Red pill (rejected both): 41/29=1.4

In other words, the people most likely to recognize a vaccine injury are people who rejected the vaccine, people of low income and/or educational level. The people most likely to believe the vaccines are safe are those who are highly educated, wealthy, and took all the shots.
Obviously, there is only one right answer here. But even if the highly educated people completely nailed it, the CDC still loses. If there were 1M COVID deaths like they claimed, even in the best case, there were at least 200,000 vaccine deaths.
Let that sink in.
If a baby formula plant kills one child, they shut down the plant.When a government-sponsored vaccine kills over 200,000 people, they mandate it.And they can’t justify killing 200,000 people because there was no hospitalization or death benefit as I’ve previously explained using official US government data.

If there is a mistake in my analysis, I’d love to see how to “properly” interpret this data which is all in plain sight.The survey dataShould be posted to their site by the time you read this.SummaryAll these independent data points confirm what we’ve been saying all along: the shots are unsafe and should be stopped. The government needs to compensate millions of people for their damages which I’d estimate would be in the trillions of dollars. Allowing Fauci to do the GoF research was bad enough, but doubling down with a deadly vaccine was even worse.

The mainstream press and the “fact checkers” will ignore the poll and refuse to replicate it. Because that’s just the way it goes.

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