When we saw this post on our @mediapython X feed (our other @metropulseusa remains permanently suspended for speaking TRUTH on the vaccines noted in the trajectory of tweets posted on this site) it immediately hit us as a clear and concise statement that clearly illustrated what is wrong with this country and a wake up call going into 2024 for us all.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

November 12, 2023

When we read the following thread, it alarmed us. Why? We are NOT fans of Trump per se but we certainly identify with the over the top harassment he is dealing with and with what we believe is unwarranted and RIDICULOUS harassments of him and his family with what we see as demented interpretations of the law. The NYC civil trial and the laughable judge AND his wife who have not only shown the country what a travesty the legal system is there but have also crystal clear demonstrated beyond obvious bias to Trump AND his most capable counsel clearly illustrate our point. The country is absolutely laughing at this charlatan.

But when we read how this posted tweet reads the stark reality is we see the Democrats ABSOLUTELY guilty of the deflected accusations made here attributed to conservatives and the GOP.. As media we have been censored and what we have have seen smacks of Hitlerism in many ways on the Democratic side since 2020. Our editor is a senior citizen and has never seen such treacherous terrain for independent media to traverse in his multi decade lifespan, no matter your politics.

The fact Hitler and his heinous legacy is bandied about so friviously is an ominous harbinger moving forward as both parties are claiming that so called moral high ground by blaming the other of the perceived embrace of that poisoned platform and it’s tactics. Our question is where is the middle ground ?

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