For the record, we knew FROM THE BEGINNING that given collateral circumstances of the day Israel would have NEVER hit a hospital in Gaza unless it was an accidential misfire.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 19, 2023

Using prudent logic that we have been prone to utilize upon occasion that circumvents the inclination to readily accept potentially flawed information permeating thru out the media ecosystem, we knew that the upcoming Biden visit coupled with our very public naval show of force and supporting statements was a HUGE morale booster for the beleaugered Israelis at this particular time.

That being said and taking into account the brutal barbaric ways of the murderous Hamas, to us it made total sense that the genocidal gangsters would do everything they could to disrupt Biden’s very public visit with manufactured BS intended to distract from what they now must know as the beginning of the end for them. Take this into account as this war goes on as you read competing headlines on a variety of fronts going forward.

And for the record we lament the sorry situation of the innocent Palestinian civilians stuck in a no win situation in Gaza. But we also fully support the right of Israel to defend itself and the choice to dismantle and totally destroy Hamas FOREVER based on the heinous acts undeniably perpetrated on Oct 7th.

The overwhelming intimidation tactics we saw yesterday in DC that effectively shut down our government more effectively than J6 EVER DID by protesters supporting the Palestinian cause while blatantly ignoring the Israeli side shows how the cells that have taken root in this country are using their “base” to terrorize on behalf of their flawed cause, further alienating themselves to the masses here processing the situation thru a balanced mindset.

In Chicago, the Palestinian “cause” has established a robust base so we are seeing a lot of resistance to the israeli response here. Let us hope cooler heads finally prevail and the situation FINALLY gets rectified to the satisfaction of all.

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