We have publicly stated from the beginning that without a CBDC issued by our Federal Reserve in place , the Fed (thru the SEC who issues securities approval) will never allow decentralized digital currencies of ANY type to take hold here.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 18, 2023

We have repeatedly witmessed temporary euphoria permeate thru the crypto world as minor segegated victories in adoption are noted globally.

Singapore and certain Arab states (among others globally) have wholeheartedly embraced crypto as a national tender supported by local government as an alternative payment for localized goods and services.

But without a US sanctioned crypto as a legitimate security (approval WAS granted for institutional trade, NOT personal adoption) as the global “linchpin” none of these crypto products could take root in a meaningful way globally.

This central bank here CANNOT lose the economic and political advantages the dollar dominance brings by allowing trillions of dollars of assets to be converted into non trackable asset streams to be absorbed into an opaque world wide financial system outside their Swift network.

When you see the list of financial behemoths lined up with applications pending seeking asset custodian status to buy sell and trade crypto products, the reality becomes glaringly apparent.


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