Some situations are destined to be rectified brutally against the wishes of the most benevolent of mankind.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 14, 2023

We feel this video and the horrors many of these innocent Palestinians are feeling being FORCED into impossible situations by seemingly unrealistic demands.

But the stark reality is history has taught us captive populations are always at the mercy of the sins of their “masters” and here in the Gaza strip the insidious taskmasters have for YEARS utilized the civilian population as a “shield” against Israeli attacks after repeated provocations.

And now we posted earlier about current geo political events that may have prompted this extreme attack on Israel with the savages fully knowing that the response would be overwhelming and the civilian population would be punished for the world to see and in the short term it accomplished the goal of halting the Saudi Israeli peace talks that would have effectively shut out Iran in future power arrangements and given the US a leg up in those situations by alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel, their staunchest allies in the region .

We still feel that Israel can insure it’s population they are protected by effectively crippling/dismantling Hamas without leading into the world into WW3 but it will be brutal and costly in the short term. NO DOUBT!

The wild cards are Iran and Russia and to a lesser degree China as any countries escalating conflict at this point would be proxies of one of them.. With everyone jockeying for position and possessing their own strategic objectives, it remains murky who is exactly looking to accomplish what here and to what aim. If Iran is pulled in as co conspirator, then does it serve Russia by deflecting NATO military hardware and resources from Ukraine?

And would Saudi Arabia feel better eliminating their bitter rival Iran so future talks could be more fruitful with Israel and the US as they carve up what’s left of the Middle East when the dust settles with a new political template? Who would benefit and who would feel left out? Sadly before those questions can be effectively answered, there will be pain as there always seems to be in this part of the world.

We feel for the INNOCENT Palestinian civilians forced into this unholy alliance with brutal savages, but then we felt the same for other captive populations thru out history who suffered greatly. (think Germany and Japan in WW2 among many others) so it is what it is, a heinous cleansing.

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