We keep seeing these “petty” maneuvers from the soon to be POWERS NOT TO BE and the masses recoil at the obvious not so subtle intimidation tactics being deployed.This time against Musk and X because how dare they NOT tow the party line.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 6, 2023

Coupled with the revelations our esteemed FBI is compiling lists of what and who THEY think are violent MAGA supporters posing a threat to our democracy as current administration shredding it as we speak, the whole situation reeks of a soft coup being executed before our very eyes.

Always remember the bite size freedoms being incrementally taken way from you NEVER return, we call it the PYTHON effect. We owned a ball python (catalyst for our trademarked sister platform on Twitter @mediapython, the other @metropulseusa STILL permanently suspended for speaking documented truth on danger of vaccines highlighted on this site) and the snake was a constrictor so death to it’s prey came after several “squeezes” which each time limited ability for prey to breathe till ultimate culmination results in prey becoming snake crap. Apt corollary in referencing fact that even a few years ago we see changes and the discreet realities and restrictions that were implemented now ubiquitous.

If one was to compare the GOOD OLD DAYS decades ago compared to today, the erosion of freedoms MAJOR just not overtly obvious.

As baby boomers we DO acknowledge amazement at legalization of pot as a major difference in the other direction as in our day it was major league illegal and we harbor serious trepidations on legalization of gambling and it’s impact on society.

We were astounded when THE SHRILL (read HRC) openly suggested Maga supporters be banished into camps for reeducation in a recent interview, reminding us of the Gulags so poignantly referenced by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his groundbreaking book “THE GULAG ARCHIPELGO”

A deplorable indictment on demented realities in the Democratic Party.

This manufactured fear of violent Trump supporters suggests a serious paranoia in the Deep State of the masses turning on the current administration. We were moving toward RFK Jr in our politics as we are seeing Trump as radioactive at this point but as time goes on and his stature increases with the repeated harassments and his popularity increases who knows.

We keep an open mind as should you. But it is a LONG WAY to Nov 2024.

And when wee see the Feds suggesting POTENTIAL violence from Trump supporters justifying the scrutiny we think of what happened here in Chicago in the summer of 2020 and the riots WE ALL KNOW were carried out by BLM and Antifa , NO REPUBLICAN groups were decimating and destroying our city then, FACT!!

So hypocritcal in our view is that FBI “stance” on creating these “lists” What justifies inclusion on it? And what about supporters of RFK Jr? In our view he poses a much more serious threat to the Living Corpse than Trump and the idiot in the White House set the table for his campaign by refusing him access to Secret Service protection and the ballot in many states forcing him to run as an independent which he is announcing tomorow 10./7

Food for thought eh?


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