This scares the hell out of us.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

August 27, 2023

We have previously posted on the WHO pandemic treaty that if implemented here would essentially create a medical police state in regards to FORCING people to get vaxxed, an option this editor and many others aware of vaccine side effects and long term health risk will NEVER embrace.

It provides for the government to acquiesce to the mandates of the World Health Organization on demand and mobilize law enforcement and the military if need be to enforce these what we now know as draconian measures to accomplish vaccine mandates and FEMA has facilities already set up to house the recalcitrant. In the Midwest we are in region #5 and facility is located in Michigan.

To say we are appalled and frightened at this so called president speaking in these terms is an understatement as it is clear Democrats will do ANYTHING to stay in power.

No matter your politics, we are sure none of you who hated Trump and either did not vote or voted against him ever dreamed the country would devolve to this level so quickly. The desperation in getting Trump out of the race for president by outright lame duck legal harassment is showing the people what they allegedly voted for and from all quarters it is an unmitigated disaster. And every move the Dems make seems to be backfiring against Trump spectacularly fueling the desperation on the left to consider the unthiinkable till now.

The American people are quickly wising up as the mainstream media so bought and sold is being rendered obsolete in reach and influence daily. The Joe Rogan major about face turnaround, the escalating MASSIVE cable cutting , the Tucker Carlson interview with Trump CRUSHING Fox News GOP debate are all telltale signs Democrats doomed next November and they have to know people are going to independent media like us to hear our truths before they make up their minds, NOT the manufactured spun BS spewed by the so called media. The disasterous policies the Dems have instituted and are directly blamed for because it is them and no one else cannot be reversed in enough time to salvage the election.

And the revelations on the voter fraud that Trump has harped about has only deepened the skepticism of the public in legitimacy of our elections. We watched 2000 Mules movie and the alleged “scam” revealed in intricate detail and it made sense to us. The producer Dinesh D’Souza is offering the movie for free viewing between September 8-10. A Google check on the movie immediately pops up rebuttals, denials and accusations on the veracity of the election as seen thru the eyes of the movie. But we all know to take these “OPINIONS” with a grain of salt because each of the negatives posted came from documented “Leftist” leaning publications. MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND!!

And the threats of declaring a climate emergency or imposing the WHO pandemic “Protocols” or even creating a false flag nuclear weapon threat in Ukraine all could be in the desperate Democrats playbook as ANY of those scenarios would shut down the country by virtue of a national emergency decree and in theory delay an election. We shudder to think that this is the end game for this democracy but from what we are seeing and the media escalating the emergence of ANOTHER covid variant it certainly is more than possible. The continuing gaffes of the living corpse are only exacerbating the desperation of the Dems to do something. But it is too late.

Biden plans to ask Congress for funding to develop new COVID vaccine, may require shot for all | Fox News

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