When the 1911 Standard Oil trust Supreme Court case was finally adjudicated and deemed a monopoly and forced to divest itself into 43 different entities by the US Supreme Court in a landmark ruling, an assistant went running out to patriarch John D Rockefeller who was playing golf on a New Jersey golf course and proclaimed he had lost the antitrust case that had been lingering for years and the old man chuckled.Why? Because the value of the seperate entities compared to the value of the whole TRIPLED his already legendary fortune. (remember US income tax did not kick in until 1914)and now in the 21st century Matt Stoller deep dives into the looming Google anti trust case.One thing we keep thinking is the references made to Judge Greene and his experiences with the Nazis in the 1982 landmark ATT antitrust case.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

August 6, 2023

One thing is for sure. If Hitler and Goebbels had Google in 1939 most certainly we would all be suburbs of Berlin right now. Serious food for thought. War in this century is more subtle like virus pandemics and triggered wildfire smoke.

As we have seen in the Ukraine, carnage can be contained for months while WW1 type trenches dominate the give and take of territory.

The lingering fear of the use of nuclear weapons has spawned more insidious methods of warfare like the mobile biolab they just found in California or the CCP sponsored phantom “police stations” like one just busted in Brooklyn NY. Makes you wonder what else lurks out there with wide open southern border allowing for influx of God knows what.


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