Talking to someone we respect highly and he brought up some disturbing current realities that resonate on different levels depending on your mindset.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

August 4, 2023

The point made was that it is painfully obvious Democrats are hell bent fanatic to keep power. The brazen bias being shown the punk loser son and others in addition to the unprecedented censorship we have seen are beyond troubling when placed in context of the future of this so called democracy.

But what troubled this person most was the growing disgust with the current administration and how every lame duck move made against Trump only seems to make him stronger. The stacked deck DC courts with a well placed Obama appointed judge is such a blatant set up it is revolting. The legal arguments as well as shadow impacts and revelations from the whistleblowers now surfacing castigating the lying Feds on Jan 6 have completely undermined the entire situation in the eyes of the public and created serious doubt. NO ONE CARES except the bought and sold media that keep harping on it.

The comparisons to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and the Civil War in regards to damage to the Republic from Jan 6 by the bought and sold mainstream media are laughable hypocrisy.

In addition no one cares about Jan 6th except the Trump haters who are oblivious to any rational input on the opaque facts that may have happened and celebrate the erosion of their own rights in their demented glee in attempting to remove Trump from the race.

The concern is the Democrats have pushed everything way too far fueled by the very real fear Trump will win the Whiite House which we firmly believe at this point given the gross incompetence/arrogance of the current administration he will. Of course Nov 2024 is a long way off so our opinion is strictly conjecture at this point but we do not see Democrats in a position to change course from what they are doing and for them to be THIS desperate at this point is disconcerting given the propensity to utilize weaponized 3 letter Feds where they see fit.

But the real concern this person has besides the obvious rights that ALL OF US would lose in contesting future elections if Trump loses is and the obvious rape of the 1st Amendment is what he calls the final shutdown. Short of a dynamic Democrat Dark Horse candidate emerging, if the Trump trajectory continues to soar into the stratosphere then the Dems hold the wild card in declaring either a climate emergency or sign the WHO treaty on pandemic response, either of which will create a police state and give the president complete control over key areas of economy and legally force lockdowns and more.

In theory it also could delay the 2024 election under the guise of national security which also could be triggered by a false flag nuclear attack in Ukraine, at the bottom of this post is a breakdown of some facts not obvious to most that clarify this person’s concerns and was given to us to post. It makes one nauseous to think that if indeed this 2020 election was a sham , then this was the game plan all along? We are in uncharted waters people. BE ADVISED and pray this does NOT come to pass.

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