As the masses again ready themselves for yet ANOTHER Trump legal confrontation with the seemingly biased and now weaponized DOJ, one thing keeps coming back to our skeptical and always questioning minds.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

August 2, 2023

And that is the 2000 Mules movie by Dinesh Souza. We watched that movie and felt is was clear how the election was hijacked and the points made inferring same made total sense to us.

We also were severely disappointed in Fox News not fighting Dominion lawsuit and just capitulating and negating any attempt to find out how their internal systems work in regards to shadow trojans in discovery, the key component in proving digital vote counting manipulations and potential fraud.

When we watched the 60 Minutes interview with the CEO of Dominion last October 2022 which we have posted below in addition to the Trump news story of current indictment, we were underwhelmed with the soft pedaling questions asked by A Cooper and felt Poulos’s performance answered NO REAL QUESTIONS on his company’s alleged fraud. To us it represented a failure of the highest order and introduced more questions that should be asked than ANY that were answered

When you couple this with the BLATANT early voting alleged fraud 2000 Mules clearly showcases, it begs the question how can you just assume this was a fair election? The DOJ is appearing to be desperate in proving their case of “interference” on what to us appears to be an unproven flawed conclusion from the get go. The insinuation is that once they supposedly win their case then they criminalize the ability to question anything with any election and to us that signals the END of this democracy, ESPECIALLY with what we ALL have seen up to this point..

It is a brazen attempt in our view to cement control FOREVER. It is painfully obvious to everyone that this administration AND it’s corporate allies have escalated the erosion of free speech thru admitted censorship demands on targeted sources in social media and elsewhere . It is NOT for self serving enties to restrict pertinent information that clouds stark realities on situations directly affected by their products or services, it is for THE PEOPLE to decide ESPECIALLY in regards to life and death public health issues. And contrary to popular opinion, the people are not as stupid as you might think.

When we voted in DuPage County Illinois at our local voting place which just happened to be the lobby of our local police station we were asked to come up to a table where we were PERSONALLY identified by name and address, ID checked and then given a tablet where we were asked for our signature to compare to our last election ballot signature. After the official reviewed all of those ID checks we were then issued a printed ballot on the spot , a ballot the credentialed official initialed in red ink. We then entered the line to actually fill out the complete ballot in an obscured stand up desk when it became available.

You process that experience in comparison with the millions of illegal aliens entering the border in a gross dereliction of duty that will be voting with Democrat mandated no voter ID in early voting in some states and it is clear to us what the end game is. It is sickening to comprehend long term for your kids and grandkids going forward. It seems that the little chunks of freedom we lose on an almost daily basis are gone forever, never to return. Like a python who constricts it’s prey, each “squeeze” leads to the eventual death.

This platform was permanently suspended on Twitter at @metropulseusa for speaking what is now considered gospel truth on vaccine impacts. We castigated Biden for FORCING the jab on our military potentially putting our country’ armed forces at serious risk abroad which he later rescinded and we alerted our readers to what we felt were dangers to some in vax impacts which are now proven. So disgusted were we in our grossly unfair suspension that we posted the tweet trajectory to show the entire debacle on this site ( for your review.

In our view this latest Trump indictment is a beyond desperate attempt to silence the greatest threat to Biden(or the Democrats if they finally wise up and bounce his worthless ass) in next year’s election and in the process putting our so called democracy in the rear view mirror forever.

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