And you think elections don’t matter? The United States has NOT won a war decisively since WW2 (unless you count lame duck invasion of Grenada in 1983) and there have been consequences from each loss that resonate to this very day. When you process what is being said here regarding current Ukraine debacle it suggests MAJOR geo political realignments are in store going forward and in our view those realignments are exacerbated by gross incompetence by current administration.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

July 18, 2023

War is a tricky thing. History has taught us that winners are winners but sometimes winners can be losers also. Take the British Empire in the 20th Century.

The British fought WW1 from afar in regards to THEIR country being exposed directly to the carnage of war. Excepting the first Zeppelin bombing raid, the first of which was 5/31/1915 the country remained away from the fray unlike France, whose landscape was punished by the industrial residue of the NEW WAR fueled primarily by advanced artillery used for the first time in that war and the fact the static Western Front housed millions of men waiting to get slaughtered.

Realizing that FOUR empires that had existed for HUNDREDS of years prior that were eradicated forever from WW1 (Romanovs in Russia , Kaiser in Germany, Hapsburgs in Austria Hungary and the Ottomans in Turkey) is an amazing statistic that offers a humbling harbinger for the American empire created after our resiounding victory in WW2.

As debate rages globally on cryptocurrencies and all manner of “digital” financial assets, it reverts back ultimately to our dollar’s dominance that was spawned when the British pound ceased to be the global currency of record and our dollar replaced it in 1945.

When you process this post on potential outcomes of Ukraine war and the dismal and grim realities the West faces as the conflict drags on and the ramifications of capitulation and perception of acquiescing to the Russian beast framed in the context of the support promised now wavering under intense public pressure it creates a nightmare scenario on a multiple of fronts.

This NEVER would have happened under TRUMP and it didn’t. Hussein gave up Crimea in 2014 but Putin deliberately waited till the Living Corpse took office to invade knowing he had a major incompetent in the White House he could intimidate and out maneuver, and up to this point he has.

Like Afganistan and Iraq in recent memory , we are committed to war YET AGAIN for no strategic value to us but this time at least minus OUR troops (for now). But the restraint The West is exhibiting in refraining from giving Ulraine the proper armaments to defend itself (read air war assets) only drags on the war in terms of lives lost, infrastructure decimation etc. It is a telegraphed “dance” designed to avoid the possibility of direct nuclear confrontation but insuring no decisive victory can be achieved.

Seems the only winners will be the military industrial complex President Eisenhower warned us about in early 1961 in a speech given on the eve of JFK assuming office.

Elections DO matter

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