Wildfire smoke returns to the Chicago area…again on this Sunday 7/16/2023

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

July 16, 2023

We have lived in Chicago all our lives and our staff can be considered juvenile senior citizens. In all of our lives we have never seen this smoke issue happen . And those forests in Quebec responsible have existed for milennia and have had natural fires before so what changed in one year?

Chinese spy balloons??.

Anyone reading us knows we are skeptics at heart and question most if not all of what is said in the media because WE KNOW it is bought and sold “spun’ severely flawed trigger point narratives. The deplorable devolving of public trust in our so called administration is UNPRECEDENTED in our history.

When one assesses the totally confusing and misdirected messaging the CDC and other government agencies spewed during the pandemic, instructing key government officials to “cling to the science” in the public pronouncements we now know were flawed at best making each government official that espoused it look like fools of the highest order forever archived in the public domain, it is clear this government is NOT to be trusted.

And the vaccines and the censorship we saw regarding the sequestering of impacts of the after effects cloaked in the controlled reporting requirements which capped documentation of adverse reactions to the vaccine at 6 days after further exacerbated our suspicions. It created the perfect excuse to blame OTHER conditions on “impacts” after the 6 day window.

When the first reports of the spy balloons were revealed after repeated public sightings forced the issue, no one connected to the possibility that the balloons may very well have been carrying time delay incendiary devices that could be dropped for future ignition. We DO NOT know this for sure but strongly suspect it given the SIZE of the balloons and the fact they crossed over the same remote areas now engulfed in flames. China is at war with us RIGHT NOW in their minds and this ABSOLUTELY is the “new war” that avoids blame for being blamed for direct involvement but still inflicts duress on the enemy populations.

Remember China and Canada are at the worst point in their diplomatic relations ever so certainly there is motive there as well.

Food for thought


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