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Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

July 15, 2023

We wish to highlight our perceptions of the tide turning in regards to the Living Corpse. In the news cycle we peripherally cover on a daily basis , the tone against both the word salad queen and the Bozo has shifted to downright animosity.

In the beginning of his term, he was coddled and protected with the media blatantly deflecting one lying debacle after the other. Every person in his administration that was in the public domain was coddled, even after gross malfeasance. (Think mayor Pete and press secretary supreme KJP)

That being said , here we are in 2023 with one headline after the other, nibbling on little girls ear in a most disturbing display, tripping AGAIN on AF1 and a multitude of other acts that clearly demonstrate to the world he is not fit for a second term. Or even to finish this one.

Democrats historically have been known to field out of the blue dark horse candidates for president during their nomination cycles leading up to their conventions. But they backed themselves into a corner here. Kamala has worst ratings than him so if he passed or became incapacitated which now is looking more and more possible than the Dems have the word salad queen leading the parade into 2024? Please.

We get the female minority thing that prompted Biden to choose her as VP but one can effectively argue she has failed miserably in furthering the cause of women during her tenure. If anything, women during her term has been subjected to severe harassment on a variety of fronts and in our humble opinion have taken steps backward fueled by the lopsided pressures created by the misdirected trans gender movement.

So it is clear that whoever is running this government behind the scenes has determined in their infinite wisdom that Biden is NOT a winner and needs to be removed as party banner bearer rolling into 2024.

So get ready people. A new candidate will emerge.. No doubt

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