Extreme weather on Earth garnering headlines EVERYWHERE

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

July 14, 2023

As the global media confronts the inescapable reality of their predetermined and what we consider as flawed definition of climate change as we see extreme weather happenings occurring on a global scale we felt a historical weather pattern check and balance is in order.

No one can deny that on the surface the planet is grappling with extreme weather events unseen in our lifetimes and on a global scale. But our lifetimes or life span when framed in the context of the age of the Earth (estimated to be 4.345 BILLION years old) does not even warrant the blink of an eye.

We read of the extended record breaking heat in the American Southwest where record breaking heat is REALLY record breaking heat, the flooding in Vermont that saw a record nine inches of rain in TWO DAYS crippling local areas with flooding unseen in decades if ever. Here in Chicago on a lesser scale our recent mini drought was ended by a somewhat extreme rainfall pattern that forced Chicago to change the course of the Chicago River to accomodate the added water flow which closed beaches here and prompted the governor to use a disaster declaration for certain flooded areas of the city.

But as we seem to be distracted by our focus the actual weather events themselves we miss the “backstory”. When we gaze at Lake Michigan here we realize that this amazing reservoir of fresh water is the result of a melted glacier that had migrated down from the North and melted right where it stopped between 10-12.000 years ago.

This is the case with ALL 5 of the Great lakes which represent almost a quarter of all fresh water on Earth. When one considers the massive warm up that naturally happened over the course of THOUSANDS of years to have caused this it boggles the mind to process.

The common denominator that has been proven to have caused these major climate changes on Earth over the milennia we can effectively track is volcanoes. We do not deny man pollutes the planet and in the time since the first industrial revolution (defined as beginning around 1870) there is no doubt localized air pollution events globally have neen caused by man made impacts as well as the massive pollution in the ocean of plastics and cigarette butts. Cigarette butts are a worse polluter than plastics in some quarters so if you want to save the planet in your own little world, QUIT SMOKING.

That brings us to volcanic eruption Tambora in 1815, arguably the biggest eruption Earth has seen in thousands of years. The result of this Indonesian eruption was the resulting Year without a Summer in 1816, a documented time when the seasons compressed because of the volcanic ash blocking the sun from the massive eruption. It has been reported that when President James Madison came back to rebuild the torched White house in 1816 after British destroyed it in the War of 1812 he could not because the logs they cut from local forests to be cut for the construction needed to be barged up the Potomac. And in the summer of 1816 the Potomac was still frozen from winter.

This is LONG before human impacts became a factor. We can cite numerous other historical examples of NATURAL climate change that affected the course of history but the point here is clear. Humans do not cause climate change, even now after 150 plus years of polluting the air. Have we ever had an event like the Year without a Summer in 1816 after polluting the GLOBAL air for 150 plus years ? Climate a change as presented is a hoax. BE ADVISED!!


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