Truth and we pay for this people. Remember that in rising prices.As a first person testimonial sidebar to this post we were out and about yesterday and did some banking. We bank at BMO Harris and have for decades and found the people at the various banks we visit to ALWAYS be customer service oriented and uber friendly and helpful. We went into a west suburban Chicago bank location to remain unnamed and were astounded to find the doors locked but with a lobby open sign prominently featured on the door. Flummoxed we walked around to the drive up to see if anyone was in bank and got the attention of a teller who recognized us and came to the front door and manually opened it.We asked if it was an oversight and the service rep said no, it was a direct result of multiple BMO bank robberies in suburban Chicago and they did not have security on site at the time. We were aware of a recent branch robbery in Bolingbrook just last week which occurred on the heels on ANOTHER robbery in south suburban Frankfort in mid June.This on top of 2 earlier west suburban BMO branch robberies in Lisle and Naperville but those criminals were caught Thank God as same idiots pulled both Lisle and Naperville heists. This was a jarring reality check for us as we report on bank robberies on an almost weekly basis and BMO is not the only one being hit .We left the bank with a feeling of uneasiness as to us this signifies a potent reminder on how truly lawless this society is becoming and that stark reality dovetails with Judge Jeannie comments here. And all of this in last 2 years since Trump left office for the most part. And you say elections don’t matter? Here in Chicago metro area the world knows the disaster this Democrat run city has become because we post the international headlines trumpeting the fact CONSTANTLY.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

July 7, 2023

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