We have posted thru the years about our fears of the dangers of this powerful still developing tool known as AI. As we process this article posted about one of the key players in it’s development who brings SERIOUS street cred to the discussion in revealing his recalcitrance in embracing the ability of society to incorporate the “Positive” side of AI it guides us back in history. Did anyone ever frame WW2 in this AI discussion? In our view, if Goebbels had the social media techology available today THEN, his ability to “buffalo” the masses we have seen today would have been unquestioned then. And if Hitler was in control of Google or Microsoft or Apple OS systems his control over the basic infrastructure functions of society would have been absolute and applied as weapons of war we would all be German suburbs of Berlin today. One could effectively argue that in today’s world there are characters who espouse world domination and at THIS cusp of history are actively pursuing that very desired domination in the control of this society changing technology, evidenced by the state sponsored hacking teams who have repeatedly crippled our infrastructure and held us hostage.We believe as skeptics there is serious doubt as to the security of the Dominion and Smartmatic election systems based on these repeated violations of supposed secure systems elsewhere REPEATEDLY. AI could breed the next Hitler with the tools of COMPLETE society at the disposal of the “winner” of this race. It scares us that China bought the Biden crime family at this point in history and has openly courted our tech titans to potentially corral this revolutionary tech for their insidious objectives. If the so called Bilderburg globalists ever had a shot at pulling off their clearly stated objectives (Read WEF mandates and projections) with the wealth of the world super concentrated in the 1% and that capital available only to them required to develop and CONTROL AI it is indeed a scary scenario moving forward for us all.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

July 3, 2023

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