We read this by CJR and wonder what this now wide open election conspiracy pipeline really means on “the platforms”? We have ALWAYS been skeptical of the digital tabulation companies as well as the lax early voting procedures and lack of voter ID in place in some states and become increasingly uncomfortable when we see the perceived arrogance of certain democratic candidates and what appears to us to be a subliminal swagger that MAY be the result of knowing the fix was in.(Think Biden in the basement in 2020 campaign and The Shrill backing off in 2016 until near the end of the campaign)The blatant in your face jam job in Pennsylvania regarding the Fetterman caper further reinforces those suspicions in regards to early voting before true extent of candidates mental condition exposed. And with SCOTUS leaving Section 230 protections in place this development seems all the more “unusual”

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

June 15, 2023

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