Opinion: Ukraine war escalates

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

June 7, 2023

We were chagrined to learn of the Kakhovka Dam collapse yesterday. Since the Feb 24th 2022 invasion, the war has ebbed and flowed fed by the controlled flow of manipulated information to the masses globally.

We veer from one battle to the other with no verified information to conclusively prove who won or lost as here in the US our incompetent leadership continues to fuel this conflict with a steady stream of support at considerable cost to our taxpayers. The Ukrainians are fighting with one arm tied behind their backs with equipment that limits the potential to attack Russia proper and cedes control of the air to the Russians for now as Biden indicated the superior F16 jets are now on the table for deployment in the theatre later this year after training for local pilots to use them.

But the dam debacle moves this conflict into a much more insidious phase, if war in general can be construed as such. Blame for the obvious destruction can be assessed on both sides as each in it’s own demented way can benefit from this humanitarian disaster.

Our fear resides in the now stark reality that anything is on the table in regards to achieving victory. Up to now this war has been nasty but restrained in regards to mass casualty events and impacts, most reported battles and targeted bombings localized in their scope and the world seems to have adopted a ho hum attitude toward the steady stream of controlled content emulating from the battlefield. Each side claims victory as we will never really truly know what is what.

The result of this unmitigated disaster regarding the dam is now the perception of response to it escalates and now is justified by virtue of it. It introduces the rationale that anything is on the table and each side will now do ANYTHING to win and that may include the mot insidious weapons not yet deployed that we know of being used. Let us pray cooler heads finally prevail at some point because we are heading into WW3 if they don’t


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