As independent media, it is incumbent upon us to sort thru the clutter that is spewed upon us by the OBVIOUSLY bought and sold mainstream media.In this age of increased censorship and elevated harassment of the voices speaking within their 1st amendment rights of free speech against the party line it is dangerous when rumours take hold on certain events without definitive proof. We can think of multiple events over the last few years that were initially portrayed as one way and were proven in time as another. The arrogance of the media lockstep in imposing crafted messaging to cloak a truth not in line with their priorities is painfully obvious if one follows multiple media outlets. Irony is in this age of information the info is less available by virtue of trigger point narratives which deflect the attention spans of people and allows for subliminal messaging manipulation. A current case is the rumours abounding on the state of the health of Jamie Foxx. WE DO NOT KNOW definitively what the real situation is but suspect that by virtue of the fact that short of Mr Foxx personally making some type of video clarification after months of speculation after a most public event prompting immediate hospitalization in Atlanta that the issues are major and we pray he fully recovers from whatever transpired. The carefully controlled public comments by friends and family certainly adds to the intrigue as Mr Foxx is confirmed to currently be right here in Chicago at an elite yet unidentified rehab center. Realizing his celebrity would spawn paparazzi invasions on the facility we respect his choice on how he is handling things.Some of the things we are reading on Twitter this morning on vaccine impacts causing blindness and paralysis certainly sound far fetched and the Obama rumours with the CCP cash rival a crime novel plot for the ages.Let this be a reality check on what you believe until it is proven. WE KNOW there are people out there who really know what’s happening here but until truth is officially released refrain from embracing the polluted rhetoric being espoused.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

June 3, 2023

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