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May 23, 2023

Tuesday, May 23, 2023
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IDF chief on Iran nuke program: ‘Negative developments’ could prompt Israeli responseBY EMANUEL FABIAN AND LAZAR BERMANHalevi says Israel’s capabilities against Iran are ‘good’ but need to be enhanced; national security adviser insists even bunker-buster-bomb-proof nuclear site can ‘be reached’
 Defense Ministry to invest heavily in AI in bid to improve intel on IranBY LAZAR BERMAN Iranian President Raisi visits Indonesia to deepen economic tiesBY ACHMAD IBRAHIM AND NINIEK KARMINI 

IDF intel chief: Nasrallah close to ‘mistake that could plunge region into big war’BY TOI STAFFAharon Haliva warns chances of major escalation ‘not low’; Defense Minister Gallant: Iran converting merchant ships into ‘floating terror bases’ armed with drones, missiles
  Israeli study reveals potential method for reducing symptoms of autismBY TOI STAFFResearchers find a direct link between levels of nitric oxide in the brain and condition in mice; reducing the amounts lowers indicators and behaviors
 Health Ministry summons top Assuta officials over IVF baby mix-upsBY TOI STAFF FROM OUR SPONSOR
LAB TALKS: Stem Cell Revolution at Sheba Medical CenterIn this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Prof. Benjamin Dekel, MD, PhD, a leading clinician scientist at Sheba Medical Center and a true pioneer in the field of stem cell research.
 Lapid accuses government of giving Haredim ‘our tax money to ensure they won’t work’BY JEREMY SHARONOpposition leader denounces Netanyahu-led coalition for failing to tackle cost of living, says budget tells ultra-Orthodox: ‘The suckers’ children will pay for your children’ 
Capitulation’: Opposition slams PM’s deals with Ben Gvir, UTJ to secure budget
BY TOI STAFF Netanyahu, Ben Gvir reach spending deal, removing last hurdle to passing budget
LIVE: Turkish intelligence said to bust Mossad ring operating against Iranian targetsBY TOI STAFFReport says 11 arrested and several are on the run, local businessman accused of receiving training in Israel; incident marks 2nd Israeli spy ring Ankara claims to have disrupted
 After months of delays, Netanyahu receives invitation to visit UAE for world summitBY LAZAR BERMANPM, along with Herzog, invited to attend global COP28 climate confab in November; individual visit by Israeli premier to Abu Dhabi was canceled months ago and not yet rescheduled
 ToI podcast / Daily Briefing May 23: Netanyahu finally gets UAE invite, but not the one he wanted
 Netanyahu said to speak with Saudi Arabia’s MBS about flights for Israeli pilgrimsBY TOI STAFF  
Legacy of 12th-century rabbi, doctor and thinker Moses Maimonides on display in NY
BY CATHRYN J. PRINCE‘The Golden Path: Maimonides Across Eight Centuries,’ a Yeshiva University exhibit, shows the far-reaching impact of one of the Middle Age’s most prolific Torah scholars
  Political sources deny interim overhaul deal imminent after leak of reported proposalBY TOI STAFFReported terms include requirement of cross-aisle support for major constitutional changes; government would be allowed to use private counsel when facing legal proceedings 
60% of Americans back reevaluating ties with Israel if judicial reform passes – pollBY TOI STAFF TOP OPS FAYDRA L. SHAPIRO
This Jew is binge-watching The Chosen (maybe you should too)The TV drama all the Christians were talking about presents the most intensely Jewish Jesus and Gospels we’ve ever had SHAUL MAGIDShavuot shakes the foundations of existence
The Exodus changed the Jewish people — but the giving of the Torah changed everything IDF razes West Bank home of terrorist in March Tel Aviv shooting
BY EMANUEL FABIAN AND TOI STAFFCalls from mosque loudspeakers in Ni’lin urge locals to converge around deceased attacker’s home to thwart demolition, leading to clashes with Israeli troops   
Netanyahu finally gets UAE invite, but not the one he wantedLISTEN TO THE PODCAST  As inflation persists, Bank of Israel hikes interest rates for 10th time, to 4.75%
BY SHARON WROBELCentral bank lifts borrowing costs by 25 basis points, citing inflation above 5% and a tight labor market; sees signs of moderation in economic activity

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