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Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

May 7, 2023

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Memorial Day in the USA conjures up many thoughts. As we consider the state of the world being helmed by the most incompetent bought and sold administration in the history of our country the conversation inevitably comes to CHINA LIED MILLIONS DIED. The brazen stiff middle finger the 3 letter Feds are showing the masses in how they are handling and processing the 2 sided justice NOT being meted out to the criminal Bidens smacks of paid for silence as evidence of Chinese bribery sequestered across the board. Remember China had audacity in showing simulated war games that clearly showed this American naval asset decimated in strategic attack. When you view the accompanying video post take pride in our country , that we have capability ON ALL LEVELS to produce an asset with such awesome firepower. Pray the lying 2 faced duplicitous Chinese did not steal the tech that could find any vulnerabilities in this amazing ship and her defenses. China lied millions died seems to think hypersonic missiles can do the trick.Let us pray things NEVER reach the point where that assertion is tested.


We wonder if China lied millions died thinks they can fly below the radar by espousing these insidious activities on their wholly owned global vehicle TIK TOK? We keep reading about multiple forays into dangerous precedent prompting US to consider banning platform outright . (some states already have) Problem in US is Democrats want to use potential ban on Tik Tok to expand reach of control by violating free speech norms by establishing gov’t sanctioned approvals on political and social content with serious penalties for violations, a desperation police state move for sure if it passes. RIP to this young soul down under and prayers for the grieving parents.