You read this and wonder what the FED is REALLY thinking. It is obvious to us that the FED NOW real time banking option being implemented on July 1 was setting the table for the CBDC roll out later on and in a fearful review of potential motive all of this seemingly manipulated regional bank interest rate bond carnage has destroyed many billions in wealth not to mention destroyed shareholder equity in those particular banks on a massive scale. It also has forced many fearful customers to move deposits out of these smaller banks into the bigger ones. We cannot believe that the banking industry as a whole could not have clearly seen the looming disaster of their bond positions as the explosive rise in interest rates whittled away at their value on the open market if timely liquidation was required. And that playing the deposit game reinvesting in risky tech ventures against those dwindling deposits would not catch up to them if called out to cover those deposits in a run on the bank God forbid? It seems to us a cadre of very smart bankers on the top tier played the “middle” industry perfectly by targeting SVB as the trigger because the San Fran Fed AND Moody’s all knew months in advance the problems and lopsided balance sheet this bank was creating and continued to fuel by gross managerial incompetence. And look at what they accomplished. They outright eliminated the go to bank for crypto ventures and consolidated the few banks failing into other bigger institutions. Note the dollar value of the few banks up to this point that have been shuttered or resold far exceeds the dollar value of the higher number of banks that choked in the 2008 meltdown

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

May 3, 2023

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