OK we get the particulars of the Fox Dominion settlement. We see why Judge Eric Davis called the settlement the “best lawyering he had ever seen” on 13 years of the bench in Delaware because of finalized state of case snuffing out costly inevitable appeals process. We get Fox short circuiting potential BILLIONS in fines against fixed expense of 767M to protect news anchors from testifying and protecting news brand from censorship at a greater level based on potential verdict. But we again read the biased slanted spin on the chagrin of the bloodthirsty masses in not being able to see Fox News personalties squirm under cross examination now thwarted in settlement. But what we are NOT seeing asked (and thought would have come out in discovery by Fox attys) is if every so called secure banking and government system has been hacked by elite state sponsored hacking teams, what makes Dominion immune from placement of shadow trojans in their digital tabulation systems that potentially could reverse votes from one party to another before they self destruct and disappear? That is fundamental question behind entire case of promoting so called fake news on election? Earlier we posted on Kari Lake election fiasco in Arizona with tagline reasonable doubt. We wish we could find solace in this settlement other than Fox News paying to insure it’s news franchise remains intact and free to openly disseminate but suspicions on sanctity of protections on Dominion digital voting systems still unanswered. It seems to us to be an arrogant middle finger to anyone who dares question their operations but this settlement does little to assuage the fear of the masses in reliability of these all important systems that insure the fairness of our democracy. Will we EVER know?

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

April 19, 2023

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