“STEWART”izing Fox News/Dominion lawsuit with a lovely lady who impressed us greatly , one Ronnell Anderson Jones, Professor of Law (with a 1st amendment scholar tag) at the University of Utah and a member of the Yale Information Society Project among other notable associations. We watched the entire video posted here and have some observations to share. Please MAKE THE TIME to watch and get a feel for where you may think media has ended up depending on what side of the aisle you inhabit as we approach the all important 2024 presidential election.Our preliminary thoughts below

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

March 6, 2023

After listening to this engaging dialogue on the potential legal and free speech ramifications of this looming defamation lawsuit we have some thoughts to share.

As owners of an independent media company. it is incumbent upon us to be acutely aware of the content we post. Because the so called and in our opinion bought and sold mainstream media is so fractured in what is described as their “media models’ catering to a particular and targeted audience news of the day must be taken with a grain of salt.

Over the course of decades news was disseminated with a subtle yet obvious bias. If one goes back to the contentious 2000 presidential election and the consternation of the masses on how victory was awarded in such a UBER close race, the ensuing vitriol was mild compared to what we are seeing today in all levels of elections.

Point can be made that the advent of social media has exacerbated the polarization of our politics in this country. Twitter started on 3/21/2006 and Facebook sometime in 2004 to give you a chronological point of reference. People tend to gravitate toward groups that share their beliefs, a scenario that negates the process by which people analyze information and moves them into “tribal’ mentalities that in many cases does not lend itself to open discussion on the issues of the day but rather group reinforcement of commonly shared beliefs, good or bad. The social media platforms streamlined the ability for those like minded types to connect.

It was this fundamental sea change in consumption of political content that was beginning prior to the ubitiquous reality that became the Internet that was recognized by Roger ‘the pig’ Ailes when he was hired to create Fox News in 1996. His astute observation was that a vast majority of Americans yearned for a channel that fed strictly conservative views. His experience with the Reagan and senior HW Bush campaigns taught him that. And as we are seeing now decades later justice and law and order is a big deal to our citizens Just ask the recently disgraced Lori LIEFOOT here.

Our editorial “mantra” is fueled by intellectual curiosity. The stark reality is the media is force fed talking points by the powers to be,(defined as a consortium of big business , Big tech and government) . This content constrictor mentality is totally manipulated by a cadre of editors who closely monitor the talking heads they control and dovetail the approved messaging across the media spectrum.

if you were to scope out ABC, NBC, AP, Yahoo news MSN news, PBS etc and most newspapers you would see subtle common denominators in their content. The recent introduction of the possibility of nuclear war and affiliated content is something that comes to mind.

Any follower of ours knows we ask a lot of questions and suggest insinuations all while readily acknowledging we are not privy to the actual facts in most cases (think battlefield intel from the Ukraine). Media dissemination as an effective aggregator is defined by how well you can connect the cloaked dots to make projections and possible conclusions and spawning thought processes to make your audience think of possibilities that apply in their world all while syncing to the news of the day that is important to them.

We are chagrined at the fact Dominion has not publicly assauged the fears and suspicions of the public in regards to the security of their systems regarding trojans and other electronic “manipulations” we see being used across the board on systems key to our society. It is painfully obvious there are state sponsored actors out there fully capable of breaking into the most secure systems with aplomb, every key government agency, banks and others have been hacked and we are seeing an explosion in ransomware cases as well.

We have publicly stated we harbor serious trepidations on the sanctity of the Dominion systems and hoped this lawsuit would educate us on the nature of their algorithms by forcing disclosure in discovery. The American people deserve to know that a fundamental facet of their cherished democratic process is secure and right now they do not. A 60 Minutes interview with CEO of Dominion was a joke and introduced way more probing questions than it failed to answer. (similar to “C” the “BS” story on vaccine leak they are currently backtracking on)

We realize some of the security protocols inherent in the Dominion systems need to remain sequestered but we hope the court addresses these issues to the satisfaction of all parties and the Fox lawyers press home the point because listening to this insightful video posted , the entire premise revolves around Fox willingly propagating a lie to avoid , as Stewart puts it, damaging the brand. In the filing it was revealed in internal Fox correspondences that the belief that certain content was. nuanced less than a North Korean news story, an earth shattering metaphor to apply to a major USA media outlet. This was revealed in the publicly released court filings.

Key question here is WAS IT REALLY A LIE? Dominion sure hasn”t assuaged anyone”s fears

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