Screw China!! We will share the Wuhan virus report that you covered up and lied about as raising a middle finger to your lame duplicitous ways. AND we maintain it was NOT a leak but a deliberate act of war that was designed to not only derail the unstoppable 2020 Trump candidacy by destroying the economy (his main strength in Nov 2020) but to cripple America in a multitude of ways with economic lockdowns and forced vaccinations with a highly suspect experimental vaccine. Damage done to people WORLDWIDE enormous. Our educational system decimated in short term to the unlucky generation forced to contend with remote learning not to mention the small businesses put out of business. And now we see the squeeze to implement potentially a medical police state in USA adopting onerous WHO mandates that in theory would supercede all laws here and set the stage for the next seemingly inevitable pandemic and taking complete control by sending the vax unwilling and other “undesirables” to already established FEMA camps (we are in Region 5 in Midwest) and instituting lockdowns mandated by INTERNATIONAL law to create a complete control scenario.THIS IS REAL people, GOP senators already lining up to oppose. Biden on verge of signing treaty unless cooler heads prevail. Can ‘t help but wonder where complicity in Democratic Party is in allowing China to pull this off. Think of fentanyl and open borders and how can anyone have faith in our government with the lies and incompetence? YOU CAN’T. We are not fear mongers but merely prudent realists but this country is heading to a place where none of thought we would ever be EVER. And you think elections don’t matter?

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

March 1, 2023

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