Epitome of racial hypocrisy in Chicago on the eve of the mayoral election from the incumbent (not for long hopefully) black lesbian mayor married to a white woman who did the same crap with the press earlier in her term by only talking to reporters of color. Anjannette Young, who is black, was VIOLATED in a wrong address no knock warrant raid filmed on local TV with her humilated and naked and this platform was appalled at the choice of disrespect shown not only to Ms Young in interactions but also her local councilwoman who made forceful inquiries on behalf of her constituent to no avail. To be fair, city did settle with her for over 2 million but still… Then we get this ignorant statement posted here. Chicago, elections matter and you vote LIEFOOT in , you deserve what you get. Who would have thought the landslide of 4 years ago where LIEFOOT won ALL 50 wards(including opponent Toni Preckwinkle’s ward, President of Cook County board at the time) would end up so horribly like this?

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

February 19, 2023

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