METRO PULSE today FEB 16th 2023

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

February 17, 2023

The unmitigated disaster that is the East Palestine Ohio train derailment just got a whole lot worse for the area as government disaster declaration/aid not coming.

It is a screw job of the highest order and highlights a loophole in government protections of this type in regards to railroad accidents. These poor souls are screwed across the board as to stay at home is dangerous (but government says it’s safe. Yeah right) but if you are not financially able to leave what are your options if your livlihood is farming?

Not to mention it is a mainly agricultural area so properties within multi mile radius chemically polluted devastating real estate value long and short term crippling entire area economically.

To wake up to this nightmare in America is unconscionable but a stark reality for many. Even more ominous is fact we had over 1700 railroad derailments last year which means ANY OF US could be be subjected to this at any time ANYWHERE as railroad track crisscrosses entire country.

And if it is found to be deliberate sabotage to send a message? Easier than a nuclear missile we guess and with opaque circumstances cloaking direct blame almost impossible to retaliate forcefully. Is anyone asking why this is happening now while we support Ukraine war? Are we the only ones thinking it isn’t a coincidence?

Isn’t it common knowledge we rejected peace deal that would have ended war by ceding 2 mainly Russian speaking regions to Putin, a most reasonable request as we bolster Ukraine with more money and equipment? And that Biden ordered Nordstream sabotage that directly affected Russian gas production? How out of touch are we to think there isn’t a price to pay for this interference?

Have to give it up for the idiot Don Lemon proving once again what a sexist pig he truly is with his comments on Nikki Haley NOT in her prime at middle age. We have seen women in their 70s and 80s who totally rock. Thrilled to see his ratings nose dive in new time slot. What a loser.

Sorry to hear the tragic news on Bruce Willis grappling with advanced dementia, a cruel coda to a life well led and a brutal reality check for his family who announced condition earlier today. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family as they navigate this horror.

Chicago Bears officially closed on 326 acre Arlington Park racetrack property but Chicago still thinks they have a chance keeping team at antiquated Soldier Field, a stadium they do not own that has smallest attendance in NFL and exposes team to the elements and is hassle supreme for fans to get in and out of. Add to that the escalating crime in the urban core where facility is located and it is a no brainer for the Bears to bolt. Do you blame them?

Demonstrates out of touch stupidity that permeates thru out city hall in Chicago. Keep that in mind Chicagoans when you vote for mayor on 2/28

And our Chicago Bulls just lost their 6th straight game heading into All Star break

Till the next time