When you review the play that incapacitated Demar Hamlin tonight at first glance it looks like any multitude of plays in the NFL on any given day and not particularly brutal as compared to others like on special teams or long range pass plays where players at full gallop for yards before impacts. But if there was heart damage from…..

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

January 3, 2023

Then the multitude of other young players and athletes we are seeing die unexpectedly WORLDWIDE in the prime of their lives for no apparent and obvious reason other than the “potential” common denominator of vaccinations and booster shots then the karma here is this happened in front of a worldwide audience on Monday Night Football FRONT AND CENTER and answers will be demanded if the worst comes to pass which I pray it doesn’t.

And my gamble is the worldwide media scutiny will FORCE disclosure if warranted no matter what they try to hide if the worst comes to pass which again I pray it doesn’t. Not to mention how other players will react if they are also vaxxed and subjected to the violent hits that could potentially trigger a similar reaction if indeed the vaxx can be definitely proven as a contributing factor. And you can bet there will be people foraging for the truth given the headline news status of the event.

The health industry has created a stacked deck in regards to how they determine if vaccines responsible for deaths and injuries cloaked in the other conditions present at time of event in reporting which says volumes in itself when you realize that the drug companies are immune from legal liability

Thank God it didn’t happen in California where a new law just passed forces censorship on doctors even mentioning negatives on the vaxx with threat of license suspension

Ironic this tragedy happened in same week as Twitter files ready to bust out Fauci.

I do not know for sure if DeMar was vaxxed at this point so I am not in a position to make that call because I pray he survives and issue becomes moot but I fear for him given the context of the undeniable deaths happening elsewhere in the world for a lot less than a hard hit to the chest and the reported damage to the aorta which has been reported in multiple documented cases and which would directly tie in to what we see here in the clip. Praying for ya buddy

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