More lies from China cloaking public health concerns for the world. More and more disgusted with how they choose to “handle” things.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

December 23, 2022

We do not buy anything made in China if we can determine it was. Good incentive to get off prescription drugs if possible as overwhelming majority outsourced to made there, a beyond idiot move by Big Pharma whores that will cause life and death issues here with supply and demand when true scope of virus infections clear and resources redirected indigenously to our detriment. Work on your immune systems and pay attention to the foods that bolster the enteric nervous system in the winter.

We have seen little directive/encouragement from ALL LEVELS of government on this immune system natural immunity support all thru the pandemic and in our humble opinion it has been a total failure in it’s messaging and execution.

A positive by product of the absolute hell of beating cancer and taking experimental chemos to do it was being forced to learn how to come back and insure I never got sick again and 15 yrs later I have accomplished that.

But keeping your immune system robust is a daily endeavor infused with proper choices . Understanding the nutrients one needs to give immune system max support key and replacing the key Vitamin D in our sun starved environment in winter is a major foundation to start from. This is why flu has been a scourge for over a century and virus flourishes in winter.

Since my recovery in 2009 I immediately recognized my vulnerability in regards to a compromised immune system coupled with my age as a juvenile senior citizen so indirectly that was the catalyst in my preparing and being aware of what it takes to bolster and support a healthy immune system to be ready for the yearly onslaught of the flu and other diseases.

It also was a training in how to handle the pandemic and gave me direction on what to do to protect myself after 10 years of flu preparations, a bonus for all the suffering the cancer caused

It is on you to learn these things for yourself as our government seems dead set on directing you toward an experimental vaccine that contains serious side effects for many, side effects cloaked in opaque reporting requirements embedded in manipulated hospital procedure. Ever see so many “brief illness” “sudden death” postings before? Seemingly healthy young people with no prior DOCUMENTED conditions , many athletes having sudden seizure and heart issues out of nowhere? Do the math people and Happy Holidays to you all

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