Sunspot cycle reduction cause of increased volcanic activity worldwide?? Double simultaneous Hawaii eruptions spawn questions.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

November 30, 2022

Two of the largest volcanic eruptions of last 200 plus years happened in the 19th century and both ironically were centered in Indonesia. Ominously, both eruptions happened in a similar reduced sunspot cycle known as the Dolton Minimum (1760 -1860 give or take) that we are seeing today. Tambora was the bigger of the 2 eruptions which happened in 1815 and caused Year without a Summer in history the following year. The other was Krakotoa which erupted over a 3 day period in late August 1883 and was known as creating the loudest noise ever created as eruption was heard in Brazil, half a world away

The documented volcanic event of Tambora in 1815 blows away the concept of climate change as impacting our climate as this volcano whose eruption was biggest in last 10,000 years caused a “nuclear winter” long before the 1st Industrial revolution which began around 1870.

It is recorded that when US President James Madison attempted to rebuild the burned out White House after the War of 1812 ended in the summer of 1816 he was unable to get the core logs for building from the forests of Virginia up the Potomac River because it was still frozen from the preceding winter in JULY of 1816, a mind boggling yet documented fact.

We are also seeing long dormant volcanoes in other parts of the planet than Hawaii erupting and showing signs of renewed activity like Mount Edgecumbe in Alaska which has been dormant for over 800 years and another one in Iceland.,seismic%20activity%20reappeared%20on%20Reykjanes.

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