Tale of 2 Americas

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

November 25, 2022

Our site has not been shy in presenting documented proof of our disgust with Twitter permanently suspending us for speaking our truth on vaccines. After recent revelations revealing the Big Pharma whores at Pfizer suspending advertising on platform, it is clear we were sacrificed for their continued support at the time at the expense of public health.

In the meantime, I had begun exploring other social media platforms as I foraged about to replace my Twitter feed which had developed over the course of a decade to provide me all the content required to allow for a robust view of the world on a daily basis.

I remembered visiting my father at his office at Tribune Tower thru the years and marvelling at the free speech related quotes etched into the stone walls in the front lobby. Colonel McCormick, the legendary newspaper publisher who oversaw the creation of Tribune Tower in 1924 made sure the pertinent quotes that referenced the 1st Amendment thru the years prior to 1924 were literally etched in stone in his facility right when you enter.

When I ventured onto Truth Social for the first time it alarmed me that in the land of so called free speech this platform was a haven for those who have the courage to speak their truth while being castigated everywhere else in the mainstream media. My father, a dyed in the wool newspaper man for 28 years would be appalled and rolling in his urn if he lived to see this.

His mantra was you only print the truth no one wants to hear, all the rest is paid advertising for the cause cloaked in duplicity.

It clearly demonstrated to me the polarizing rhetoric incapable of cross pollination while we read about the woke punks at Twitter relishing their blatant censorship “powers” until they were brutally busted out and removed. No sympathy here. GOOD RIDDANCE.

But the stark reality is the spirit of compromise long the hallmark of political discourse in this country is effectively gone forever, forcing confrontational impacts moving forward in the worst case scenarios which I pray can be avoided…….

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