Thoughts moving forward on elections and the aftermath.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

November 21, 2022

As a baby boomer, I have seem my fair share of election cycles, some my chosen candidate won, others he/she lost.

That being said, it has only been in the last few elections where the populace has taken such a strident tone on the losing side and in my view is laying the groundwork for future urban chaos depending on outcomes. In many ways , this suggestion seems almost inevitable when either side refuses to back down based on allegations of election fraud which STILL has NOT been definitively addressed to the satisfaction of the masses.

It appears the issue of early voting paper ballot counting in addition to perceived digital voting manipulations exacerbated by lack of voter ID in many states fueled by 15.000 illegal immigrants pouring thru the southern border daily gives creedence to these fears and merits noting in the context of everything stated here.

I have learned to grin and bear it in regards to my own choices in elections and the ensuing results and the last thing I would have done is storm the Capitol on Jan 6th to make my voice heard in such a repugnant and useless way. But the fact it even happened sends a clear and present danger signal that something is amiss in the populist perception of election fairness (Think Arizona) and that polarizing impact is only widening in scope and getting worse. Trump’s recent announcement he is running again in 2024 only galvanizes those points even more.

When Lee Zeldin in NY governor race he lost garnered a much higher percentage of the anticipated vote against an appointed governor who has never won public office in a traditionally blue state , bringing an uptick in Republican votes to candidates “down the ballot” and adding seats on the Red side , it was argued many Republicans moved out of NY because of law and order and public safety issues so people left were overwhelmingly Democrat.

Same could be said here in Illinois as we elected a governor who passed the SAFE T act which allows for a no bail system for many crimes that has plagued NY since 2019 that goes into effect Jan 1. To be fair, our state legislature here in looking into certain facets of the bill next month prior to implementation and an amended class action lawsuit filed by 100 of 102 county state’s attorneys is lingering in Kankakee County that could put a hold on it also.

Point is next door in Indiana you can carry a gun with no permit so if you are concerned about law and order here, a jaunt across state lines provides an entirely different legal and society perspective in regards to public safety and law and order. Is this country going to evolve into a political Confederacy where political affiliations manifest themselves in public policy havens people will migrate to? Will people move from state to state to protect themselves from what they allow threatens their quality of life based on their politics?

Ramifications of those altered migratory demographics fueled by politics ominous for this country moving forward. I can say I personally know many people that will move from Illinois to Indiana if SAFE T Act passes as crime here already out of control so how this all will ultimately play out is anyone’s guess. This is still the greatest country on earth but…………..

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