You read this manufactured and spun BS and wonder if it was written by the CIA for the Democrats and Biden as inevitable midterm losses loom

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

November 3, 2022

First, no battlefield general would be STUPID enough to buck authority in Russia and launch a nuclear weapon of any type anywhere without expressed permission from the very top and Putin is too much of a narcissist and control freak to lose complete control. EVER!

The reaction of the world would be fast and swift and cripple even more the already crippled Russian regime, a risk that puts Putin in cross hairs of regime change by the masses and he has too many other options to play that card right now like waiting for Republican landslide to insure the new Congress would throttle the funding to the Ukraine, biggest battlefield victory he could score short term.

Second what unidentified so called mysterious US officials would say such a thing outside of normal channels to a select news outlet but claim to have proof but not reveal it?

And how idiot stupid are YOU? Classic definition of fear mongering on eve of mid terms as Desperate Democrats continue to show their lame game strategies as we lurch toward a political slaughter unprecedented in modern political history that they have no one to blame but themselves for as they continue to spew ignorant out of touch in denial NON deflective BS because what else can they do?

Like Pritzker here in Illinois on a fast track for a MAJOR incumbent upset, all they can do is attack attack attack because to highlight what he has done in the last 4 years is kiss of death.

Abortion is NOT watershed issue Democrats thought. People care much more about border security, law and order and by extension public safety and most importantly inflation.

These issues squarely Democrat failures of the highest order. And EVERYONE knows it.

Reminding the masses of rescinding of conscience exemption for vaccines that likely killed people and cost others their jobs in using the most insidious leverage of threatened job loss to force, the useless and now proven to be totally ineffective lockdowns and ILLEGAL MANDATES that decimated jobs and small business while he (Pritzker) steadfastly clung to now conclusively proven flawed science making him look like a fool of the highest order across the board is not what he needs to promote and remind the masses of at this point.

Thank God Biden and Harris due here this weekend to REALLY piss off the masses and seal Pritzker’s fate. If everyone affected by job loss, small business destruction, gun violence, crime and vaccine side effects or KNOWS SOMEONE WHO WAS votes, they are ALL doomed Tuesday.

Who’s guarding the graveyards?

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