Media responsibilities in a brave new world

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 30, 2022

We have been reassessing and recalibrating our editorial reality as we adjust to the most disruptive and changing media landscape in a generation.

It is obvious that the way people consume their news content has become fragmented as they forage for the truth. This is done by searching out non biased news outlets, podcasts and publications that report as independents.

This is fueled by the ridiculous bias and misinformation exacerbated by the obviously bought and sold media that has accomplished the enviable task of alienating their core audiences.

This alienation started with the over the top Trump bias that sowed the seeds and turbocharged the extreme political polarization in 2016 that has lingered till now.

It was furthered by the misinformation campaigns on the vaccine that ultimately was the catalyst for adding to the mass distrust in mainstream media across the board as well as the CDC and Big Pharma. The revelations on the damage rendered by the vaccine that was cloaked in the beginning under opaque reporting mandates cemented that distrust in many.

The Supreme Court is hearing a case Google vs Gonzalez in this term that will finally address the free speech ramifications of the controversial Section 230 which at it’s core when issued in 1996 Telecommunications Act provides the legal foundation that gives social media platforms indemnification against anything posted on their platforms. This verdict when issued holds major importance to the future of news and information and how it is being disseminated on the internet.

We take our responsibility as media seriously . We are independent and self supporting at this point. We are creating a new generation Metro Pulse gearing up to launch in the New Year that we expect to be one of your go to sites to get your news and I will be adding a podcast component to augment our offerings.

The Musk purchase of Twitter and CNN recalibration are the first steps in a massive media realignment that should allow for a fair and civil discourse from both sides of the aisle. Let us hope so.

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