Classic example of desperation fear mongering in the Ukraine on eve of midterms by bought and sold media

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 30, 2022

It is clear that Putin has minus zero use for the feckless Joe Biden as does most of America.

From helping to manipulate the Saudi Arabia FU regarding denial in increasing oil production that humiliated Biden internationally after he went to country on bended knee begging for concession to repeated verbal confrontations since invasion on 2/24 by government staff from each country. there has been no love lost between the 2 leaders or governments.

So the following post makes no sense to me.

If Putin is looking for battlefield assistance in war he is supposed to be losing since 2/24, the smart play NINE DAYS before key midterm elections in US is do nothing. Why?

The stark reality for Democrats is they are in serious trouble across the board EVERYWHERE this election cycle and if the popular conception rings true will lose control of Congress which will usher in a new regime in Washington on a variety of levels and cripple Biden and his flawed agenda as the lame duck BS we all know it all is until 2024 presidential election.

Advantage for Putin is Republicans have publicly stated they will be seriously looking at the ridiculous funding for defense and weaponry we have been giving Ukraine which in battlefield parlance could be catalyst to defusing tensions and restricting over all NATO support as well.

This is by far the most effective impact on the war that benefits Putin that can happen and the headline to me shows the desperation in the Democratic Party in how things are going and the insinuation a dirty bomb threat looming now poppycock from Russian side and benefits only Democrats in messaging war on eve of election.

What scares me is if we motivate Ukraine to launch the dirty bomb and blame it on the Russians it gives the excuse for deflection of key issues. If Ukrainians felt a Republican Congress would cease the funding then it benefits them to delay election and Democrats could concievably attempt to delay election or limit to mail in ballots , still a security risk for election integrity in the eyes of many. Let us hope cooler heads prevail and these fears truly are poppycock.

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