Pelosi political positions hit close to home as husband attacked in San Francisco at residence and defunded police responded quickly

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 29, 2022

Mr Pelosi has had a rough couple of months . A car crash allegedly due to his own impaired state and now this. The Wicked Witch of the West has got to be thinking how off base her party has veered in the eyes of the public they serve as the law and order and safety issue hits her at her own home.

And it indirectly sends a message to us here in Illinois on the eve of the 11/8 elections that Pritzker cannot be re elected because of his support of the SAFE T Act signed into law in Feb 2021 but not due to be implemented till 1/1 2023. This attack would probably result in no bail for this obviously mentally deranged attacker of Pelosi if perpetrated here given parameters judges here would be forced to adhere to in certain criminal situations put before them given terms of the over the top going way too far bill. Of course obvious mental state could potentially force placement into “facility” but implication crystal clear.

Bailey would rescind it so vote red to protect public safety and your family or the streets may run red with YOUR BLOOD. It is that simple. Ironic Pritzker claiming to hire more Illinois State Troopers under this cloud of fear as the disinigration of law and order accelerates in our state obvious to all and making Chicago a national laughingstock in the mainstream media

And why isn’t the immediate family member of the 3rd in line to the Presidency afforded protections like the wife who has a security detail ?? Question definitely needs to be asked along with judges in courts hearing incendiary cases who also remain vulnerable.

The Democrat tacit acceptance of the harassment of Supreme Court justice Kavanaugh at his house post Roe vs Wade verdict under guise of legitimate protest deplorable hypocritical argument and ominous harbinger going forward

Hope Mr Pelosi recovers and brain trauma muted going forwarded but a skull fracture serious in an 82 year old guy so hoping for the best…..

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