Covid thoughts as we approach the Mid Terms

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 25, 2022

It is no secret this platform has repeatedly railed AGAINST the vaccines and was permanently suspended on Twitter for doing so. As you ruminate on your choices this election cycle remember the damage done here in Illinois by our governor’s choices in his handling of the pandemic.

The now illegal vaccine mandates (except for health care workers) crippled small business and by extension destroyed many irreplaceable jobs in service sectors in the process while Pritzker rescinded the conscience exemption for refusing vaccine on religious or moral grounds FORCING many to be vaxxed at their own peril using livlihoods as leverage under flawed pretense of public health, a disgusting decision in my view especially as more and more comes out on dangers these vaccines pose even with cloaked and time delayed procedures in reporting insidious after effects in some.

I saw no publc directives on bolstering natural immunity as viable alternative to vaccines among the healthy from the government on any level while our governor desperately clung to what we all know now as severely flawed and incomplete science based on a stated experimental vaccine, especially from a morbidly obese governor who had no credibility in doing so given his appearance and obvious lifestyle choices. Who would have listened anyway? His credibility was shot in the eyes of the public years ago.

If everyone in this state impacted by someone injured or killed by vaccines or whose job or business was lost because of idiot restrictive and illegal policies regarding them , traumatized or killed by rampant crime whether by robbery, shootings or carjackings or impacted by someone they know who was ALL rose up and voted against current powers to be directly responsible for the documented carnage there would be a red tsunami in this state that would rival the Crimson Tide in Alabama (college football reference FYI)

And I haven’t even broached the disastrous SAFE T Act which other blogs on this platform have referenced….

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