Thoughts on the 60 Minutes segment on Dominion Voting Systems

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 24, 2022

I listened intently to the interview with John Poulos CEO and came away unimpressed and more confused than ever.

. It is documented fact that the most sensitive internal government data has been repeatedly compromised on computer systems one would think have the most secure protections on the planet on multiple 3 letter Federal systems yet the questions posed in this interview totally avoid the deep dive into more intensive background on ownership (who really owns them?) and most importantly internal procedures and protections .

Granted, it has been repeatedly alleged that foreign influences impacted our elections going back years (note H Clinton claimed in 2016 when she lost) and the use of cloaked pop up self destruct trojans imbedded in the millions of lines of the OS (read operating code) of these electronic machines that could “flip” votes before final tally tabulated was the claim.

Sophisicated state sponsored hacking teams from a variety of nefarious countries have clearly demonstrated this is possible repeatedly, whether in shutting down key infrastructure or looting banks. It is real threat and needs to be considered but was never asked in interview. The escalation of ransom attacks on hospitals , police stations or other key municipal entities further supports this claim, especially when the affected pay out because they have no choice and admit being helpless. Many experts believe that these attacks were set up in advance by scoping systems for vulnerabilities first, then recognizing weak spots in firewalls and inserting the “attack” trojan at that time then waiting months or even years before deploying.

I realize that certain protocols have to be maintained in regards to cloaking certain aspects of machine operations for security purposes but I personally felt the glib nature of the generalized questions and blind acceptance of the lame answers did little to assuage the fears of the masses skeptical of legitimacy of the 2020 election and did even less in creating a sense of security in the systems themselves going forward.

I do not know what the true nature of these systems are in relation to the election and what potential fraudulent impacts that being accused may be but I am sure the defense counsel for Powell and Lindell and Fox will be asking more direct and targeted questions in discovery than the lame telegraphed questions offered by Mr Cooper and they will not be so complicit in accepting opaque answers so readily.

Let us hope that information from the looming court cases will be released into the public domain when applicable as to alleviate the polarization this country is experiencing because a fundamental component of this democracy is the security and trust in our election system. Unless addressed to satisfaction of the masses with full disclosure and transparency which up to now has been woefully inadequate with this company, we are doomed.

60 Minutes failed in this totally in my opinion and I want to believe the election was fair but my instincts that saved my life multiple times before are screaming at me otherwise. How timely to air this segment 2 weeks before the all inportant mid terms. Your call based on incomplete facts but this is my take.

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