More misdirected messaging by Pritzker campaign fueled by desperation

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 22, 2022

As Darren Bailey comtinues to expose Pritzker as the incompetent supreme in regards to law and order and handling of vaccine mandates and shutdown that crippled this state in targeted trigger point narratives in what I consider to be a vastly superior campaign strategy, we now see the misdirected and desperate lame Pritzker response doomed to fail in regards to Obama endorsement.

The blacks I know personally who give me honest feedback on the issues of the day when asked ALL contend Obama has long lost his credibility among “his” masses and is perceived as elitist, selling out to big money interests long ago and publicity surrounding multiple mansions and other glimpses of great wealth in his world that further distances him from the masses he proclaims to “represent”.

Reality is blacks in my world contend Obama did little to further their causes during his 8 yrs in the White House and the Pritzker snub on cannabis licenses issued to vendors of color since legalization a flash point also cited as proof blacks left behind by design to them..

Granted, my little snapshot of targeted feedback holds little sway in public opinion but to me says volumes on how out of touch the progressive Democrats truly are . To me personally, Obama is paying back for JB’s sister Penny Pritzker running Obama’s first campaign that gave him presidency in 2008 as Penny was finance chairwoman and widely credited as delivering 800M which may very well have cinched his victory. How convenient that the next year saw the dissolution of the massive Pritzker trusts among the 11 cousins (and Robert’s 2 children from second marriage in lesser share) after years of internal family contention and one may not be aware the 1986 Tax Act specfically included family as protected with a foreign trust exemption which may or may not have been extended when original trusts divided in 2009. I vividly remember Warren Buffett issuing statement on Christmas Day 2009 heralding his purchase of the majority of the Marmon group for BILLIONS and lamenting he wanted to buy more but was denied. (Thinking Trans Union?)

At the time I found it suspect such a huge business headline was cloaked in release on Christmas Day, slowest news day of year especially when framed in the context of the 2008 crash, still very real at that time. Certainly provokes suspicions but I have no direct knowledge of what truly transpired in regards to tax status of family at this time.

But here we have Obama sticking his neck out for this documented incompetent who has publicly stated intentions to run for president in 2024 even after talking out of both sides of his mouth in voicing support for Biden in 2024 in recent debate.

Like the Knight guarding the Holy Grail chided Indiana Jones when choosing the cup that held the key to eternal life

“CHOOSE WISELY” and I add on 11/8

If Pritzker is re elected this state has no one to blame but themselves. Even Joe Rogan called out the demented over the top SAFE-T Act Pritzker signed way back in Feb 2021 coyly thinking by delaying implementation till 1/23 he could curry favor among the minorities who legitimately had a point in calling out lopsided sentencing and onerous bail requirements in brazen attempt to court their votes.

Stark reality is like the ME TOO movement and other social movements whose catalysts initially have merit, this act goes WAY TOO FAR and one only needs to look at New York as proof positive of documented destructive social impacts. 100 out of 102 State’s attorneys here in Illinois called out this act as a disaster.

Coupled with already over the top crime stats , a Pritzker re election is a recipe for disaster