Appalled at the hypocisy. Mayor of Highland Park totally disrespects citizens by invoking support for governor cloaked in memory of heinous massacre in her town.

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 20, 2022

I saw the low class and repugnant political ad where Mayor Nancy Rotering of Highland Park Illinois prostitutes herself by accusing Darren Bailey of suggesting to MOVE ON insinuating that the statement inferred ambivalence in recognizing the heinous crime perpetrated on July 4th of this year and then threading it with a gun giveaway at an event in a vain attempt to make messaging what amounted to a major non trigger point and self defeating narrative.

Stark reality is we have to move on after tragedies as they did after 9/11 or Sandy Hook or countless other horrible events and that statement totally taken out of context clearly demonstrates desperation of Pritzker campaign in addressing a losing cause. Makes you wonder why emergency powers still in force here while most of the rest of the country rescinded them months ago. Ultimate desperation move under guise of soon to be manufactured event? Is necessity the mother of invention? Makes you wonder.

I was stunned at this public display of hypocrisy as this soon to be ex governor has done more to destroy the fabric of law and order in this state by complicity in not firing Kim Foxx in Cook County with rampant crime than anyone. Not to mention the vaccine mandate disaster and I could go on and on but here in Illinois we already know so no use beating a dead horse.

Were I a public service employee/citizen in Highland Park I would be outraged at this and I am sure she will feel brunt of disgust in her town by her constituents. What a sell out and punk move.

Choose wisely 11/8 You know what to do

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