Thoughts on election fraud as we move closer to midterms

Written by Michael E Dehn

Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse a continually running enterprise since May 1980.

October 16, 2022

Coming from Chicago, it has been more than urban folklore our reputation as the graveyard voting capital of the country. So, as the midterms AND Halloween loom some thoughts on the election fraud issue that does not seem to go away.

As an entrepreneur, I pride myself on utilizing my instincts to sashay thru life and they have proven themselves each time I leaned on them and as I process the snippets of real information regarding the specfics we can count on as fact (think 2000 Mules movie, REAL to me) the overwhelming reality that hits me is THE REACTION of the players in the voting process as they are accused of malfeasance.

In the 1980s Robert Maxwell, the very British and VERY disgraced newspaper baron was accused of looting newspaper pension funds his companies were entrusted in maintaining, a most public and egregious act of massive fraud if it were true. (Sidebar Ghishane Maxwell, Epstein’s pimp is his daughter).

Maxwell responded with a barrage of lawsuits (sound familiar?) incorporating the mantra the best legal defense is a robust offense . This made him the most litigous man in Britain in a DESPERATE attempt to deflect public opinion and stymie and misdirect the authorities investigating him. In the end, for all of his empty legal bravado it was determined beyond the shadow of a doubt he did indeed loot those worker

entrusted funds. The story ends with Maxwell’s bloated fat ass found dead floating in the ocean .

Point is the corollaries to me with Dominion voting systems and others involved in voting processes and lack of transparency as they are accused unless forced in legal discovery are real points to consider as I personally am not convinced at this point election 2020 was clean based on my instincts processing these suspicions. As one considers why no judges (even Trump appointed ones) went anywhere near the multiple complaints filed in courts immediately after the election, one could conclude they were fearful for their safety. The lame Democrat response SUPPORTING the over the top harassment of Supreme Court judge Kavanaugh after Roe vs Wade AT HIS HOME verifies that suspicion in some quarters. Thanks AOC

Remember the US Marshal Service is entrusted with protecting judges and with no federal law in place MANDATING THAT,(at least not yet a NJ judge trying to fix) one may ponder that the plan may have banked on the fear of the safety of the judges and their families as targets at their homes (many addresses publicly listed) prompting the judge’s hesitation in accepting mounting legal oppositions so all they needed to do was get the BOZO in the White House in the 2 months after election because then, short of impeachment, there is NO legal provision to rescind election results. And at that point Democrats controlled Capitol hill so the deal is done and any public opposition simply ignored in mainstream media and censored in left supporting social media and main players in voicing opposition targeted with massive legal responses alleging fraud , libel etc.

SO VOTE 11/8

And when you read this article on the sympathetic FBI agents in regards to Jan 6th protests and the laughable stacked deck so called BIASED Jan 6th committee that is desperately trying to craft a flawed narrative THEY LOST LONG AGO, it makes you wonder what they REALLY KNOW. Let us hope TIME WILL TELL

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